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About Me

I’ve been a working designer for 18 years now and honestly still love it. I’ve focused on mobile, proactively learning User Experience design, with the help of the Pros at General Assembly and through independent study.  The idea of research based decisions over best guesses and hunches seems pretty appealing as justifying design decisions has always been a headache. I’m looking forward to taking the UX experience I already have and using it as a visual designer or UX designer in my next position. I do try to stay current and follow as many UX and design blogs as I can, without becoming a screen zombie. Lately, I’ve decided to focus efforts on further education and mechanical/architectural design software.

Why hire me?

There are a lot of professional reasons to hire me,
but if those aren’t enough, consider these:

I’ve got a cat named Milhouse.

I make guitars!

I’m currently interviewing and ready to get to work. THANKS FOR LOOKING!

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