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Project Description

Coffee Shop App UX Design

The Background:

The Roasterie operates a production facility and multiple café locations in the Midwest region, and more than 600 businesses, grocery stores, restaurants, and universities use its coffee, iced and hot teas, and distribution services.

The Challenge:

With expanding its market and opening new locations, it was a logical time for this coffee purveyor to expand their mobile presence as well. This client needed purchasing, location mapping, rewards recoding and brewing instructions in an easy to use app.

The Solution:

While the design was somewhat restrained to the platform framework, many complex new features were necessary to be designed. A combination of  customer requirements, competitor research and end user interviews were used to develop navigation and features of this app. Trying to create a great design for a shopping cart feature that will work as a standard platform addition, while also catering to the clients specific needs was also a challenge.

The Result:

Lowered Store Congestion, Streamlined Ordering Process, Improved Order Accuracy, Decreased Sales Labor Hours, Improved Data & Analytics

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