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Project Description

Music Tour Crew App UX Design

The Background:

A large scale tour management company running multiple world class recording artists needed help. The complexity of running an artists tour on such a large scale is responsible for many costly mistakes. Many of these mistakes are due to miscommunication or lack of information.

The Challenge:

A large scale music tours are non-stop scheduling nightmares for tour management. Making sure that everyone knows who is responsible for what and where everyone should be at what time are constant challenges. Having the right information easily available could solve many day to day problems and shorten the learning curve for tour employees.

The Solution:

Create a single source of the most updated information available, with a staff listing that can be sorted by name of job function that includes a recent photo of each employee on the tour. This would also include alerts to all or select users when critical information has been updated.  Simplicity and efficiency of navigation over an overblown feature set was chosen for this app.

The Result:

This app was deemed a successful trial and is now an app thats been replicated for multiple tours and artists.

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