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Project Description

Music Festival App Ux Design

The Background:

C3 Presents produces live experiences, concerts, and events around the world, and is the force behind Austin City Limits Music Festival in Austin, Texas and Lollapalooza in Chicago, as well as many other festivals world wide.

The Challenge:

The client was looking for an intuitive, streamlined experience. Enhanced schedules, maps , as well as,  immersive features that encourage artist exploration, sponsor participation and social sharing. My goal was to get up to speed up with competitor festivals, please the client, minimize out-of-scope work and come in on or under budget.

The Solution:

Ultimately the project as a whole and new app features followed the “less is more” credo. less options = less confusion, less frustrations and longer battery life. On site user testing of the newest features and general layout proved invaluable during the iterative design process. Engineering in seamless sponsor inclusions and other advertising features such as age gating, were also priorities.

The Result:

Increased download and a small bump in app retention rates. features developed were then tested on site, iterated on and adopted by more and tests in the C3 family. Advertising and sponsorship revenue increased which allowed for future feature development.

I’m currently interviewing and ready to get to work. THANKS FOR LOOKING!

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